Welcome to Launching & Leading Virtual Teams (LLVT)

• Instructor: Rich Aquilina, raquilina@villardgroup.com 


• Instructor: Ken Villard, kvillard62@gmail.com


• Technical Advisor: Mike Spitalieri, mspitalieri@villardgroup.com

This revolutionary course represents the culmination of 15 years of observation and interaction with Cisco managers and team leads, who have wrestled with the challenges of leading virtual business teams in a global economy.

LLVT will answer the tough questions you have about leading and participating on virtual teams.

LLVT uniquely provides:

• Fifteen core Group Process Tools, which can be easily applied from launch stage to your final team assessment 

• Seven sequential steps, if followed, will ensure your team's success

• Scripted agendas for your first three meetings that will take the guesswork and pain out of planning and propelling your team to high performance

• Downloadable and Editable Toolbox for your personal use, reinforcement and follow-up (located after the final chapter)

Besides impacting the success of your case study team, LLVT should be your primer as your career develops and you find yourself at the “head of the table” leading your own virtual teams.

If you have any questions we’re always available… really! Our 24/7 Team Roadside Service is provided to each participant during and after the course. There is NO EXPIRATION DATE. So, if you have a question, need clarification or want a listening ear contact us. We would like to hear from you.

Good luck and enjoy the LLVT experience.

Rich and Ken

Cisco vTransitions

Instructor: Rich Aquilina,raquilina@villardgroup.com 


Instructor: Ken Villard, kvillard62@gmail.com


Technical Advisor: Mike Spitalieri,mspitalieri@villardgroup.com

vTransitions is a comprehensive leadership assessment and skill acquisition course that focuses on four of the most important, yet under-identified, leadership skill areas:

1. Group Process Leadership

2. Peer Influence

3. Career and Performance Coaching

4. Consultative Selling Skills

The final outcome is the framework for a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which is meant to be shared with management, mentors and other significant players on a participant’s career Board of Directors.

So you can plan accordingly, the majority of the Chapters and Subchapters, identified as Part I or Part II, typically take 30 minutes to complete. A few chapters will take as little as 15 minutes, while a few others may take as long as 45 minutes. Every attempt has been made to condense the content into "bite size” portions that can be completed in a reasonable time. Please try to finish complete section(s) in one sitting to achieve maximum continuity and instructional benefit.

A downloadable Toolbox is provided for your personal use, reinforcement and follow-up. It is located after the final chapter.

If you have any questions we’re always available. Our contact information is listed above.

Good luck and enjoy the class.

Rich and Ken